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What is a DRP?

DRP Stands for Direct Repair Program. In the auto industry, choosing a DRP shop can be beneficial in many ways. Rogers Customs is honored to be partnered with a select few companies that match our morals and ethics when it comes to collision repairs. What does this mean for you? It means pre-negotiated pricing, stream-lined repairs, and the ability to set up rentals for you using your policy guidelines. 

What if We are NOT A DRP for your company?

We are so glad you asked! IT IS YOUR CHOICE TO HAVE YOUR VEHICLE REPAIRED AT ANY REPAIR FACILITY.  Rogers Customs will not accept DRP contracts from companies that request sub-par repair operations, non-certified parts usage, and lower then industry average wages. By doing this, we are not obligated to agree to these tactics. By not being under contract, we get to advocate for quality, safe repairs at a cost that is fair to our company. There are very few instances where agreements can not be met and an out of pocket expense may occur. This is rare and discussed on a claim by claim basis at the time of our consultation. 

Car Dealer


Our primary foundation is surrounded by completing safe, quality repairs each and every time. We are confident that our repairs will last and are honored to back all repairs with a lifetime workmanship guarentee. 

Proud Partners

These are the following companies we are partners with. Never be alarmed if you do not see your company. We work for EVERY INSURANCE CARRIER and the choice IS SOLELY YOURS PER LAW!

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Never Settle for LESS. 

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